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Two years ago during the annual Day of Caring, one of the many things our volunteers for the day did for SES was build a Blessing Box on the front lawn of the school. It was used at times, but not as often as we had hoped or dreamed. During this most unusual of seasons, the Box has truly been a blessing. Our hearts have been not only been touched by how many families were able to make use of its contents, but how many families came to place items in the box for others.
We would like to ask any volunteers who feel led to accept our projects for this year, to join with us to continue to welcome our students and their families back to the school, and to help us bless the community we seek to serve and support. This year all our projects would be a Supply Drive experience, there will be no on campus opportunities of service.
This year, we would like a sign for our Blessing Box, that says "Blessing Box." Many of our students bring food to add to the box all throughout the school year, and students in one of our third grade classes share the responsibility of making sure all donations are placed in the box. Since our Blessing Box is is the front of our school, we would like for our campus to look as welcoming as we try to make it feel. SES would love some new benches out on the front lawn for families to enjoy. Quite a few of our students are walkers, and it is so nice to see the families come to pick up their children in the afternoons. We would appreciate two nice metal benches, like Charleston type benches, so that families can sit and visit as they wait on their children at the end of the day. To further enhance the appearance of the front lawn, we are asking for enough bales of pine straw to cover the front lawn, and the two bricked-in areas right outside the front gate.
Lastly, not only do we try to help our community in need by way of the Blessing Box, SES also supports 28 families who need food over the weekends through our BackPack Buddy program. At the end of the week, we put a grocery bag filled with two breakfast items, three drinks, three entrees, and five or more snacks in the backpacks of our neediest friends who would want to ensure get fed all weekend long. We are asking for some volunteers that would supply at least a month or more worth of food items for this program.
Thank you for considering becoming a part of the SES team by volunteering your time and your resources to become a blessing to our students, our families and our community.

This opportunity has ended.

One Time

Supply Drive: We are grateful for any help and any gifts!! -wooden sign for Blessing Box, 5"high, 12" long, painted white with black letters in a kid friendly font -two metal Charleston-type benches -items needed for a month's worth of food for our students in the Backpack Buddy program (we will be thrilled with any amount of donated food! Do not think you must donate 112 of any of these items!!): 112 milks (Yahoo drinks, Horizon milk, white, vanilla or chocolate) 112 Sunny D or orange juice 112 Capri Sun drinks or boxed juice (no added sugar) 112 containers of Mac and Cheese 112 small cans of beanie weanies 112 Chef BoyarDee meals 112 Complete meals 112 Vienna sausage cans 112 boxed tuna and cracker meal 112 fruit cups 112 vanilla or chocolate pudding 112 cheez-it individual packets 112 boxes of cereal 112 packets of oatmeal or grits 112 Lil' Bites muffins

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